A powerful engine for data

The Cosmoz platform uses AI technologies to create a layer of intelligence across your various data sources. That way, we build one source of truth for your organization.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology

Our top priority is to keep Cosmoz secure, stable, and with a high-level of performance. This places high demands on our architecture and the code we develop. To ensure we build the best transaction platform for our customers, we work according to agile principles, and exclusively with leading service providers.

The layers of the Cosmoz platform

Cosmoz uses market-leading service providers to make our platform fast, secure and easy to use. Microsoft hosts our database through Azure SQL Server, safeguarding all real-time data. To guarantee secure transmissions, all traffic to and from our platform is encrypted using either TLS (for web calls) or SSH (for SFTP).

Behind the scenes, a web-farm with scalable servers and background services take care of all automatic actions.
On the surface, the interface consists of a Progressive Web App, giving you a flexible, web-based experience, available for all types of devices, and adaptable to your preferences.

An infographic image displaying the technical layers of the Cosmoz platform
An infographical image depicting an agile process for IT development.

Deploy, scale and run things quickly

In today's fast-paced world, being quick on the draw is key. That's why we've tightly integrated our production deployment with development. To truly stay agile, we're firm believers in giving everyone access to the right information. That's how we stay nimble, never stop improving, and develop the best possible services for our customers.

To Neovici, AI is not a standalone project. It's part of everything we do. That's how we build solutions for today – and tomorrow.

What Cosmoz can help you with

Payments &
  • Image recognition
  • Matching supply chain items
  • Tolerances levels for deviations
  • Error management
  • Task prioritization
  • Real-time synchronization
Accounting &
  • Bookings
  • Compliance
  • Data classification
  • Pattern recognition
  • Reconciliations
  • Price control
Agreements &
  • Price negotiations
  • Supplier collaborations
  • Campaigns and rebates
  • Dynamic price lists
  • Agreements
  • Dynamic discounts

See what
Cosmoz can do for you

Explore how Cosmoz captures value through a guided product tour. You can also get in touch to design a custom solution for your business.