True decision autonomy.

AI is the difference between digitization and efficient, accurate automation, without human action.

Artificial intelligence in accounting and finance

Small bits of data, when added up and built upon, can save endless hours of human effort that can be used for more important tasks. That's why we combine data, expertise, and user feedback, to get the best out of automation and AI.

Built to automate any business interaction

We've built the Cosmoz platform from the ground up, and exclusively use market-leading service providers. Microsoft Azure SQL Server safeguards all real-time data. All traffic to and from our platform is encrypted using either TLS (for web calls) or SSH (for SFTP).

Behind the scenes, a web-farm with scalable servers and background services takes care of all automated actions. The interface consists of a Progressive Web App, giving you a flexible, web-based experience, available for all types of devices, and adaptable to your preferences.

An infographic image displaying the technical layers of the Cosmoz platform
An infographical image depicting an agile process for IT development.

Agile at the core

If you want to move fast, there's no room for rigid processes. That's why we continuously iterate to improve the Cosmoz platform, tightly integrating production with development. And that's how we make sure we develop the best possible tools and services for you.

Cosmoz AI delivers all of the AI solutions you need, and nothing you don’t. That's how we build solutions for today – and tomorrow.

What Cosmoz can help you with

Payments &
  • OCR AI
  • 2-way and 3-way invoice matching
  • Flag duplicates
  • Manage errors
  • Automated approval flows
  • Real-time updates
Accounting &
  • Automated bookings to ERP
  • Built-in compliance
  • Data classification
  • Pattern recognition
  • Expense management  
  • Price control
Agreements &
  • Price negotiations
  • Supplier collaborations
  • Rebate management
  • Dynamic price lists
  • Agreements
  • Dynamic discounts

See what
Cosmoz can do for you

By understanding and acting on data, Cosmoz AI makes every decision smarter, putting businesses in control of their growth and profit.