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Customer-specific setup. Deviations handled without disturbing the flow.
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Event-driven, user friendly and future proof

Cosmoz platform is a modular, cloud-based AI tool, equipped with library of configurable components, powerful features and advanced rulesets. Based on data-driven insights, Cosmoz’ preprogrammed algorithms simulate human actions in the exact way you instruct them to.

Designed for flexibility, Cosmoz is configureable on any level and for any scenario. Choose among our application workflows to quickly get started. From there, we'll tailor the platform to your business logic. Scale and add features whenever you need.

Powerful applications to innovate your workflow

Powerful applications to innovate your workflow.


Bookings and payments automatically sent any ERP-system.


Automatic invoicing of deviations sent to suppliers, without disturbing the flow.


Authorization and delivery confirmation of payments handled automatically.

Unique Rulesets

Powerful, dynamic and easily governed rule engine, applicable on all levels of your organization.

Real-time BI

Volume, progress and metrics tracking visualized to identify trends, patterns and insights.

Image Reading

Images automatically read, analyzed and sorted on all levels - in real-time.

Precision Matching

Find, check and match any type of correlated data automatically across the supply chain.

Price Control

Prevent money leakage and select the most attractive offers, updated instantaneously.

Contract Management

Manage and track agreements such as rebates, subscriptions and leases automatically.

“With our ready API:s, Cosmoz is easily connected to your business processes. Being a SaaS platform, no installation is needed. Connect seamlessly to leading finance and ERP systems”
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Manage billing end-to-end

We can also design the customized solution for your business from scratch. Talk to us and we'll find the best fit for your company.

Cosmoz AP
  • Matching transactions
  • Data classification
  • Tolerance levels
  • Deviations management
  • Supplier console
  • Price negotiations
Cosmoz AR
  • Approvals
  • Automatic accounting
  • Agreements
  • Payments
  • Organizational admin console
  • Rebate calculations
Cosmoz CI
  • Invoice & order creation
  • Invoice delivery
  • Accounting records
  • Internal invoicing
  • Compliance
  • Auto-validation

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We set out to understand your business, exploring use cases and making an inventory of your data.


Building a prototype, improving, scale and test to ensure value.


Go Live! Your first version of Cosmoz is ready for production.

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Explore Cosmoz through a guided demo tour, or get proof of your data's potential through a POC. You can also get in touch to design a custom solution for your business.