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An AI empowered platform for every transaction

In essentially every business decision, executives must consider some kind of forecast. Expenses must be controlled, and deviations handled across departments and systems.

That’s why we’ve created Cosmoz - an end-to-end AI tool, automating complex and transaction-intensive businesses. We use AI techniques such as machine learning, to get insights, accuracy and make predictions.

With Cosmoz, your organization will transform from a spreadsheet-driven accounting center, into a predictive powerhouse, creating value and growth.

Reposition your company for the future

AI technologies will transform how companies do business. By providing autonomous workflows with as many checks and regulations as you need, Cosmoz allows for incremental steps towards that vital transformation.

As you scale up, you can leverage the AI capabilities of our platform to build your role in the new digital ecosystems of the not-too-distant future.

Start right away with your own data

We've crafted our platform with a high level of flexibility of to make sure everything runs well with any other system. With our easy-to-use APIS.s, Cosmoz is ready to be connected to your business processes.

Benefits working with Cosmoz

Cosmoz innovate your workflow. Reasons
why our customers choose us.

Accelerated Productivity

If a task is repetitive, it could be done by AI. Cosmoz increases speed without engaging staff.

AI-based Insights

Poor decisions are costly. Cosmoz makes predictions, increases accuracy and identifies costs.

Flexible Platform

Built with dynamic modules and components, Cosmoz is quickly configured, scaled and deployed.

AI Governance

Cosmoz algorithms perform a variety of actions, are configurable and securely monitored.

Happier Relations

Accurate data increases service quality and reduces friction with employees, clients and suppliers.

Outcome-based Pricing

Cosmoz pricing is based on results delivered. Pay us nothing if we can't optimize your environment.

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