Cookie Policy

Neovici AB and Neovici Holding AB ("Neovici", "we", "us", "our"), registration number 556000-2320 and 559105-2914,uses cookies and other tracking technologies ("Cookies") to enhance your user experience. This policy explains what Cookies are, why we use them, and how you can control their usage on our service Cosmoz and our websites, and (“Webpage”).

For information on how we process your personal data, please see our privacy policy:

What are Cookies?

  • Cookie is a small text file sent from the Webpage and stored on your device. Cookies enable us to recognize your device on subsequent visits, provide essential functions, and monitor user behavior on the Webpage.
  • How Long are Cookies Stored?
    Session Cookies: Deleted when you close your browser.
    Permanent Cookies: Remain on your device for a specified duration or until manually deleted.

Neovici's Usage of Cookies

  • We use the following types of Cookies:
  • Necessary Cookies
    Name: CookieHub
    Purpose: Stores information about whether visitors have given or declined consent for cookie categories.
    Duration: 365 days
  • Analytics Cookies:
    Name: _pk_id.*
    Purpose: Used by Matomo to store a unique user ID.
    Duration: 393 days

    Name: _pk_ses.*
    Purpose: Used by Matomo to store session data.
    Duration: 1 hour

    Name: hjSessionUser*
    Purpose: Used by Hotjar to identify a user session.
    Duration: 365 days

    Name: hjSession*
    Purpose: Used by Hotjar to store session data.
    Duration: 1 hour

    Name: hjActiveViewportIds
    Purpose: Used by Hotjar for viewport tracking.
    Duration: Persistent

    Name: hjViewportId
    Purpose: Used by Hotjar for viewport tracking.
    Duration: Session
  • Marketing Cookies:
    These cookies collect information about your interactions with the Webpage to help us improve our marketing efforts and enhance your experience.
    These cookies are often set by third parties with the intent to handle performance for ads, show ads, and build user profiles to display ads elsewhere.

Third-Party Cookies

    • The Cookie is set by another party than us when you visit the Webpage. Neovici only uses reliable third parties. Third-party cookies can help us understand user needs and evaluate our marketing effectiveness. Information collected by these third parties cannot identify your personal information unless you provide it.
    • We use these service providers:
      Provider: Hotjar
      Purpose: Anonymously tracks user interactions and sessions.
      More info: Hotjar Privacy Policy

      Provider: Matomo
      Purpose: Anonymously tracks website analytics.
      More info: Matomo Privacy Policy

    Managing Cookies

      • Upon your first visit to the Webpage, we ask for your consent to use non-essential cookies. You can withdraw your consent at any time by adjusting your browser settings to accept, deny, or remove cookies (usually found under "Help," "Settings," or "Edit"). Note that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of the Webpage.

      User Rights

        • Under GDPR, you have the right to:
          Access your personal data
          Rectify inaccurate data
          Request the erasure of your data
          Restrict processing of your data
          Object to the processing of your data
          Data portability

          For more information or to exercise your rights, please contact us at

        Changes to this policy

          • We may update this policy. If changes affect your rights or our obligations, we will inform you in advance to obtain your consent to the updated policy.