Getting AI ready with Cosmoz

The sooner your automation strategy is defined, 
the sooner your organization can start reaping the benefits of AI.

Implement a successful
AI strategy

Even for the most complex business, a financial infrastructure is at its core, rather simple. Simultaineously, they tend to involve a
patchwork of processes, systems, departments, and people.

Before introducing AI, you need to start with the right questions. We'll help you find your company's innovation potential, starting with a sprint.

Go Live in three steps

Innovation sprint

On top of a thorough data inventory, we'll identify problems, use cases and brainstorm ideas by asking:

  • What does your business logic look like?
  • What part tends to have a lot of errors?
  • What part of employees work is time-consuming?


Based on the identified use cases, we create a scalable prototype. Initially, we focus on a limited area of your business, planning for how to use AI at a larger scale. The pilot is tested extensively and ensures that the implementation will be the perfect fit for your organization.


Using more data, we expand the automation on every level and layer you need. We integrate Cosmoz with your other business systems.  By now, your first version Cosmoz will be put in production. New deploys are easily pushed when you want to scale or tweak your current setup.

Try Cosmoz at a small scale

If you want to ensure value and quickly discover what Cosmoz autonomy can do for your company, A POC is the way to go. We'll analyze your data with the help of our algorithms. Then, you'll be provided with an analysis of the automation potential of your data and your workflows.


To get a better understanding of your processes and your data.

Data Collection

We can process any
data, no matter how unstructured it is.


We need up to three weeks to analyze, depending on data state.


A runthrough of the outcome along with our recommendations.

See what
Cosmoz can do for you

Explore Cosmoz through a guided demo tour, or get proof of your data's potential through a POC. You can also get in touch to design a custom solution for your business.